Getting started with Sequelize.js including Migrations (Part 1)

I have now used sequelize in 4 production projects and I thought I would share how I would create a project using sequelize having learnt what »

Getting started with YuiDocs

There are lots of engines for javascript to generate documentation. I tend to use yuidocs because I find it the quickest to get running. This is »

New Blog!

I have moved by blog away from Wordpress and moved to Ghost. I was using my site purely as a blog and thus Wordpress' CMS seem »

Installing Mocha + Chai

When installing Mocha, most readmes that I have found were telling me to install it globally. I tried to find another way to do this as »

Wordpress 4 initial thoughts

Today is supposedly the day that WordPress 4 is out. In the last 2 years I haven’t really used WordPress but I still like to »


I thought I would say a couple of words about the open source project that I have been working on recently, IceMarkt. I’m not too »

My Spotify Meta Api Library for PHP

About 6 weeks ago I completed the first version of my library to work with Spotify’s Meta Api. However I realised that I had forgotten »

Setting up Xdebug's remote debug with PHPStorm

Introduction As promised in a reddit discussion, I thought I would put up an article on setting up xdebug’s remote debugger with PHPStorm. I have »

My Lack of Blogging + Apology!

So, I have written anything to my blog for about 18months, one of my new year’s resolution is to blog more. I have notice that »

Quick Start guide to install LEMP server on Ubuntu 12.04 (Linux + Nginx + MySql + PHP )

I have seen some online guides about this but really was after one specific to Ubuntu 12.04. So here goes: Step 1 – Installing Nginx First »